Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who Needs Enemies?

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I recently said some nasty things to a very dear friend. I knew she'd take it hard. She always does, but I couldn't stop myself. When I saw her, I unleashed. "What is your problem? Stupid. Stupid. What is wrong with you? Why did you say that?" As I think back over it, I didn't say one kind word. Not one. What's worst, is that I kept after her for days. I couldn't let it go. I have yet to apologize either.

The dear friend was me.

About five years ago, I read an article challenging me to pay attention to my negative self chatter. I took the challenge not expecting to find much. Talk about a major wake up call. The self-abusive prattle was nonstop. I said terrible things to myself all day long and not only that I believed them.

On the day I made this discovery, I pledged to change my inner dialogue. For the most part I have. There are still times I find Her hammering away at me. But I notice now and counter with new thoughts I have created to replace the "self-hate" talk. If you want to transform your life, begin with your inner dialogue.


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