Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainbow Cloud!

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On the drive home from our vacation, we witnessed a beautiful sight! This was taken with my Blackberry phone.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I'm so glad you got a shot of this!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Prill said...

So beautiful, Allyn. A few years ago I glimpsed a triple rainbow in one of the canyons above Malibu. Thinking of it still makes me smile.


Beth Blair said...

Look how pretty!

(And I LOVE your new header!)

Allyn Evans said...

Thanks Beth! :)

jill terry said...

Hey Allyn, glad your posting again! Your rainbow cloud is called a sundog. I've a short piece I posted back in 2008 about them...


P.S. I think about you every time I see [or wear..hehe] my tiara!

Allyn Evans said...

Hi, Jill!

Thanks for the post. Will go check out your article. And glad to know you are still wearing your tiara. I will never forget the day I met my daughter's bus wearing mine. I had forgotten I put it on. Of course, the elementary-school aged kids thought it was wonderful. Now, my daughter is 13. That would not go over well! :)