Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Let's just say I couldn't pass this one up today. I found this image while working on a presentation.
Goes nicely with the most recent post and comments. Don't you think?


Beth Blair said...

Excellent quote. It makes my stomach turn when I think about it...

Allyn Evans said...

Ha! Me too! I was originally thinking when I wrote the first post that I would say "yes" to situations, opportunities as they appeared.

This message is telling me to seek them out.

I have much to think about.

Prill Boyle said...

I've always loved this Eleanor Roosevelt quote. (Did you ever read Doris Kearns Goodwin's No Ordinary Time about the Roosevelts? Great book if you haven't.) Anyway, I've been doing one bold thing a day since January 31, 2000. It's not only changed my life; I swear it's changed me on a molecular level.

Allyn Evans said...

Thanks for the comment, Prill. I think we met in 2000 or 2001 when you were a featured guest on Dotsie's forums. And, as I read this comment today, I remember you telling us about this.

How interesting to get your feedback about making the commitment to do one bold thing a day nine years later.

And Prill...I believe you! Your post inspires me.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

The kinds of things (like speaking) that scare some, I find pleasurable. And I just can't go skydiving every day. So...I'm thinking. (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Anonymous said...

This quote scares me (ha!)... but challenges me to not be scared about new things and JUST DO THEM!
Prill- WOW! You have been doing one bold thing a day since Jan. 2000? I am impressed and in awe! Way to go! Have you kept a journal of all the bold things you have done? That would be interesting.
Barbara Techel
Author of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Allyn Evans said...

Prill...I must say I would be interested too. Would love to hear about some of the things you did and how it changed your life.

Dare I say...what an interesting idea for a book!

Allyn Evans said...

Oh if only I could have come in to this world without. I was reading something today written by Robert Monroe.

He said, "It is said that when we are born into this physical universe we bring with us only two fears, loud noise and falling....As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we - or most us - are loaded with them."

That's what we are trying to overcome...the fears that we've learned. And if we face these fears...overcome them...quit giving away our power, then we stop impeded our progress.

Now that's a scary thought! :)