Sunday, November 4, 2007

Too Little Time

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Moms are plagued by "Too Little Time" Syndrome. With only one child, I am forever impressed by my friends and family members who have more than one. And those who have three or more, and still function, I am MOST impressed.

This syndrome also feeds another, which I call "Fragmented" Syndrome. We mothers end up all over the map without much time to focus on what calls to us.

Add jobs and household obligations to those two conditions and you get frustration! One childless friend of mine swears by the FlyLady. She teaches the "Rule of 15 Minutes." She claims she wrote her first book using this rule. And that she has another (yet-to-be-published) book that she wrote in ONLY fifteen minute increments. It's tentatively called the "Fifteen Minute Book".


Off to use what little time I have to work on my second book. Let's see, where's that timer.

Until next time,

Allyn Evans

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