Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not Barbie: Not Married to Ken

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It was something Monique Marvez, author of Not Skinny, Not Blonde, said that got me going on this Not Barbie: Not Married to Ken kick. It's a new presentation/keynote I deliver and certainly will generate an article or two!

Back to the title...It is so true. Just like Monique, I always wanted to be skinny. I always wanted to be blonde. And I always wanted to have blue-eyes. But also like Monique, God made me different. Brunette, brown-eyed and chunky. Yep, God made me someone else all right. Even worse, I didn't like who He had made. Imagine the audacity of that line of thinking! But I hated her. I fussed at her often. Nope, I was not nice to her, which of course didn't help me feel good or make forward progress in my life.

It took me years to figure out the key to accepting myself. The gist of the lesson: Focus on what's important. Guess what? Focusing on your outward appearance or what others think is NOT the answer—and is actually a first-class ride to misery. My new plan worked. As soon as I changed my focus, my life changed too. Now I can proudly say while finding joy in its meaning, I am...'Not Barbie: Not Married to Ken. I am ME.'"


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